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Translate content in your own language

Please note that you may use for free the Google Language Tools (opens in a new window) to translate pages of this site in your own language (if available).

– To do so, simply copy the URL address of the page you choose and paste it where appropriate in Google’s Translator page.

– Also, using the computer’s mouse features, you may select a text content, then press copy, then paste it in the appropriate “Translate text” window of Google Language Tools and finaly choose the languages you wish (i.e. from LANG A to LANG B).


Some other free Language Translation Tools are:

1. Free Online Language Translator (by WorldLingo / see terms of use)

2. PROMPT TRANSLATOR (free translation and online dictionaries for English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian offered by PROMPT – Automated translation solutions / see terms of use)


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