Cancer Registration etc. in South Africa

The National Cancer Registry (NCR) of South Africa at the National Health Laboratory Services (link and a part of a fact sheet 2007 to download). See also, article at the bottom of this page.


Cancer Research Initiative of South Africa (CARISA) – (link)

— see section under title “Cancer Data Management and Surveillance”


Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) – a community driven and volunteer based organisation since 1931 (link)


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Cancer Registration in South Africa: Situation as of November 14, 2008 at 08:14AM, article (link) by Louise Flanagan, in IOL (=Independent Online)

Move to enable agency to gather cancer data

An unresolved debate about patient confidentiality has left cancer researchers without information on new cancer cases for the past decade – although this is crucial for health planning.

The National Cancer Registry (NCR) hasn’t produced a report since 2005, and that was based on data that’s now 10 years old.

Now draft regulations are under discussion to make cancer a legally reportable disease to get the registry going again. Cancer researchers, the NCR and health officials are due to meet next week to discuss the regulations and how to get the registry a comprehensive flow of data again.

The department of health’s cluster manager for non-communicable diseases, Christelle Kotzenberg, said a decision to set up a task team to develop a regulation on cancer registration was made on October 3 and the first meeting to discuss the draft regulations would be on Tuesday.

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