Icelandic Cancer Registry (link in English).


The Icelandic Cancer Project – a population-wide approach to studying cancer:

Abstract from article in “Nature Reviews”: “Cancer initiation and progression require a complex interaction of genetic, environmental and clinical factors. Most research, however, has been focused on only a narrow aspect of the disease process. Data generated by the Human Genome Project, as well as large-scale molecular analysis of tumours, have indicated that a more systematic approach, in which the biological information is integrated with clinical features, is warranted. There are many aspects of the Icelandic population that make it well suited for such a broad-based approach. The Icelandic Cancer Project was therefore initiated to build a population-based clinical genomics database and biobank that can be used to study cancer – from genetic predisposition to clinical outcome.” from 
The Icelandic Cancer Project – a population-wide approach to studying cancer“, Thorunn Rafnar et al., Nature Reviews Cancer 4, 488-492 (June 2004), doi:10.1038/nrc1371 (Abstract link).


ANCR – Association of the Nordic Cancer Registries (link in English)

Cancer Screening in Iceland (link for a description in English)

The Icelandic Cancer Society (link in English).


Statistics Iceland (link in English).

Ministry of Health (link in English).


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