Ministry of Health (MoH) of Cyprus Republic: Cancer Registry and Screening for Cervical Cancer (link in English and link in Greek -=not very detailed pages).

Regarding Cancer Registration, Cyprus participates in the “Middle East Cancer Consortium – MEEC” (for more information, visit the dedicated page of this site or go directly to MECC’s web-site).

Relevant MoH pages on cancer registration in Cyprus:
1. Cancer Health Monitoring web-page here (link)
2. Cancer Registration Reports web-page here (link) with 3 reports:
– Progress 2010 Report (data 2005-2007), including the Data Form, here (direct link)
– Progress 2008-2009 Report (data 2003-2005), including the Data Form, here (direct link)
– Report for the triennial 1998-2000, here (direct link)

The Cyprus MoH web-page with the official manuals and documents for cancer registration can be found here (link). These “Middle East Cancer Consortium” (MECC) documents are in English and they are not yet translated to Greek (last access 5 May 2011).
However, an official Greek translation of the old (2005) “Manual of Standards for Cancer Registration(*)” in PDF is available to download (link).

(*) “Manual of Standards for Cancer Registration”, Fourth Edition, March 2005, M. Silbermann and J. L. Young, eds.


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