Cancer Registration etc. in Australia

– The Australasian Association of Cancer Registries (AACR) (link).

– Cancer Australia – a national government agency (link):

Cancer Data (link1) and National Cancer Data Strategy in Australia (visit page link2 – or you may download1 the final pdf of the “Strategy – 2008” and also download2 the initial document of 2007: “Towards a National Cancer Data Strategy for Australia: Foundation document – 2007“).

– The Cancer Council Australia – a non government organisation (link)


………………. Local information resources ……………….

New South Wales

– The Cancer Institute New South Wales (link) Cancer Plan page (link)
Cancer Plan 2007-2010 (visit relevant publication pages link or download the Plan or download the Plan-Discussion Paper of June 2006).


– The Cancer Council of Victoria – Cancer Strategic Plan (link) – Cancer Statistics of the Cancer Epidemiology Centre (link).

– Victorian Cancer Registry (link

– Victorian cancer family registry (link)

—Greek Cancer Support Group (link in Greek)


– The Cancer Counsil of Queensland (link)
— Cancer research and statistics (visit page link)


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