Cancer Registration etc.

This is a repository of web-site links on cancer registration, national plans for cancer control and other relevant issues.

Please note:
1. – The pages of this web-site are mainly in English. Some pages are written in other languages depending on the country they refer to (French, German, Greek etc.). In case you face difficulties with any language, you may consult the page entitled “TRANSLATION Service” (see column on the left) where you may find information on how to translate a page or text in your own language.
2. – In case you find this web-site useful, I would appreciate if you make a reference of it and of my name.


A few words about this web-site:

Initially, I created this site in order to use it as an aid to my work.

In fact, while browsing the Internet on cancer registration, cancer control and other related issues, I gathered several “Internet-links”. By creating a “web-links collection” site, it was very convenient then to visit repeatedly these resources for further reading or study.

Since I thought that this repository might be useful to other people, interested in these subjects, I decided to make it publicly available. However, some sections of this site may be locked and may require a password. This is because they refer to original work which I intend to publish in due time.

The display of this site is organised into 3 columns (left, center and right) while the text content is organised either in permanent pages or in articles (in calendar order). Individual country information pages are fixed on the left column while other links and facilities may be found on the right column. The central column displays the content of the selected “page-title” or the selected “article-title”. The default page of the central column is “HOME” and displays several topics in the form of articles (also called “posts”). Until now, I have posted 10 such articles that concern some considerations, events, news etc. These articles are archived in chronological order and are categorized according to one of 2 Categories (“Events & news” and “For debate”).

All the links provided have been last reviewed in December 2008. It is possible though, that some of the links provided may not work due to changes in the official sites. Since it is not easy to visit often all the links in order to maintain them in a proper condition, your comments may be very helpful. Also, you may help by providing more site-links regarding your country or other topics (see instructions bellow on how to leave a comment or instant message).


Some thoughts for the future:

I wish I had “more hands” to make this site more vivid and extend it to a forum. A good idea might be the formulation of a group of interested people who would maintain their own country’s information links. In this case participation of many people is required but it is difficult for me to organise.

Nevertheless, you should know that the software of WordPress.com (as well as of other providers) provides the possibility of multiple authors and/or editors of a web-site of this kind (BLOG). Thus, technically speaking, the maintainance of a country’s page(s) by an individual editor is feasible (and it is not that complex). Furthermore, thanks to the contemporary technology, there are lots of tasks that could be performed and that could extend the usefulness of this site. For example, questionnaires and querries as well as other documents can be easily forwarded to a targeted audience (belonging to a special interest group). Thus, surveys are quickly feasible (it is obvious that in the future, this cheap technology of blogs shall provide a good means for cooperation).



Comments, notes or remarks are welcome.

There are 2 ways to leave your message/comment:

1. Make a public comment (i.e. visible to all who visit this site): There is a special section entitled “Leave Your Comments” where you can post a comment. 

For security reasons, to make a comment you must to be logged-in at WordPress.Com. This means that you need to be registered with WordPress.com (i.e. create an account with a username and a password of your choice). Registration does not take much time, it is easy and is required only once (provided that you remember your username and password to log-in).
2. Leave a private instant message in the “Chat Room” (i.e. visible only to the administrator of this site): You don’t need to be registered to leave an instant message. Just type your message(s) in the appropriate box of the “Chatroom” and hit enter.
You may find this “Chat Room” at the top of the right column (above the Calendar). The “Chat Room” comprises 4 boxes in a row order:
a – The first box shows whether I am online or offline.
b – The second box is the chat-window and shows the message exchange between me and you (when I am online).
c – The third box states: “type here and hit enter to send a message” (by clicking with the mouse on this box, you may start writing your message and when you finish, just hit “enter” – your message will then be displayed in the second box).
d – The fourth box states: “edit nick: meeboguest + a number” (this number is your temporary reference number and does not mean anything more than a conversation reference number – which is lost when you move to a different page).

Please note that the “Chat Room” is a great facility and is absolutely private. This means that the content of your message is only visible to me (hence, if you wish, you may leave your name and e-mail without any fear). If the indication box shows that I am online, I shall receive your message instantly and I may respond to you instantly as well.

If the indication box shows that I am offline I shall receive your message when I enter my Meebo account (usually every 2 or 3 days).

Please note also that if I am offline and you leave a message requiring a reply, I shall not be able to contact you if you don’t leave your e-mail address (because your temporary “Chat Room’s” reference number is valid only once).

May 2008

Asterios A. Terpos, MD, MSc, PhD

Athens, Greece

last update: 13 January 2009


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