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Latest News: January 2009

New developments in Greece in the field of Public Health: a series of 15 national action plans in the field of public health were presented by the Greek Ministry of Health & Social Solidarity on 17 December 2008.

The National Action Plans include:

a) a National Action Plan against Cancer 2008-2012 (download ~2.1 MB, in Greek only)

b) a National Action Plan against Smoking 2008-2012 (download ~1.6 MB, in Greek only) which is accompanied by new legislation “for the Protection of Youths from Tobacco and Alcohol”; law 3730/2008 published in the official journal of the Greek Government FEK A’ 262/23.12.2008, to take effect from 1st July 2009 (link, in Greek only)

c) a National Action Plan to Reduce the Harmful Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Health 2008-2012 (download ~1.4 MB, in Greek only)

d) a National Action Plan for Proper Nutrition and Nutritional Disorders 2008-2012 (download ~1.8 MB, in Greek only)

All the Public Health national action plans are available, in Greek only, at a dedicated web-page (link) of the “Health Map of Greece” web-site (link).


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(last update: 9 Jan 2009)


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